Board Approves Revised Eligibility Policy

Strategy and Policy Head Harley Feldbaum presented on the revised Eligibility Policy.

The revisions to the policy include:

  • Incorporation of flexibilities for Challenging Operating Environments (COEs) to align with new COE Policy
  • Clarification on when newly eligible components may be eligible for an allocation
  • Increased eligibility for interventions targeted at building Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) according to new 2017-2022 Global Fund Strategy

The Board paper notes that the focus of application and counterpart financing sections of the current Eligibility and Counterpart Financing Policy have been incorporated into the new Sustainability, Transition, and Co-Financing (STC) Policy.

The Strategy, Investment, and Impact Committee (SIIC) recommended that the Board adopt a three-year Gross National Income (GNI) per capita average to determine income-level classification for eligibility purposes in line with findings from the Equitable Access Initiative (EAI).

The Board paper states, “The result of this would have minimal effects on country eligibility but would serve to moderate the rate of transition into and out of Global Fund eligibility for countries who experience significant annual fluctuations in their GNI per capita.”

The Board approved the revised policy.

The previous policy remains applicable to grant programs originating from the 2014-2016 allocation period.