GF Contact Group – Developed Country NGO Delegation:

In order to communicate with the broader constituency the GF Contact group has been established:

The Contact Group’s purpose is to:

  • Formulate the Developed Country NGO Delegation’s position and strategy regarding issues that are identified as priorities by the constituency;
  • Coordinate activities and share information regarding national, regional and international advocacy efforts in support of the Global Fund;
  • Provide candidates for positions of Board Member, Alternate Board Member, and Communications Focal Point (CFP);
  • Participate in the GF Board meetings as part of the Delegation, if selected by the Board member, Alternate and CFP;
  • Provide support to the Delegation on specific issues of the Board Committees: the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee (SIIC), the Finance and Operational Performance Committee (FOPC); and the Audit and Ethics Committee (AEC)

The expectations from the Contact Group members are:

  • Invest time and effort in review of the GF documents and other related information to provide input on specific issues and decision points;
  • Willingness to contribute in policy analysis and advocacy for the Global Fund from the civil society perspective at national, regional and international levels.