Global Fund Board Approves Amended Policy for Restricted Financial Contributions

The Global Fund Board has approved an amended policy for restricted financial contributions. The decision point will align the policy for restricted financial contributions with the allocation-based New Funding Model.

  • by Jason Wright

The amended policy will allow private donors (corporations, foundations, and high-net-worth individuals) and approved public mechanisms (e.g., UNITAID and Debt2Health) to target their contributions towards specific regions, countries, disease components, or grants on the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand (UQD) deemed technical sound and strategically focused by the Global Fund Technical Review Panel (TRP).

There have been $477 million in restricted financial contributions since 2007.

A Global Fund Board paper estimates restricted financial contributions of $200 million for the current replenishment/allocation period.

Global Fund External Relations Director Christoph Benn noted outreach to potential private donors in the Arabian Peninsula, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa, and Vietnam.

It is important to note that the amended policy does not allow official development assistance (ODA) from bilateral donors to be restricted.

The Developed Country NGO Board delegation staunchly supported the decision point because it will allow the Global Fund to 1) encourage full expansion of demand in Concept Notes, 2) mobilize resources for the UQD Register (to be launched in early 2015), and 3) help overall fundraising in this and the next Global Fund replenishment.

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